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Archdiocese of Toronto Office of Catholic Youth

This is the site leading you to all the information you need regarding the World Youth Day, on August 20, 2002. Since 1984, when Pope John Paul II invited youth from around the world to join him in praying for reconciliation and peace in the world, celebrating World Youth Days has become an annual event. The event serves to allow youth from around the globe to gather and give witness to the world that peace is possible. The themes of global peace and unity are central to these gatherings. Those interested in reviewing the schedule of events, hosting small group prayer gatherings or volunteering their homes or services will find this site beneficial. — Martina Smith Other Links to Youth Ministries.

Camp Ekon

Camp Ekon is a Jesuit supported summer camp for boys and girls on Lake Joseph, in Muskoka. The camp provides a Catholic environment for children to enjoy. The executive director, a Jesuit, says mass each Sunday on the beach. The camp takes children from ages 8 years onward for wonderful opportunities for water sports, swimming, arts and crafts, bunkhouse living and canoe trips. The camp focuses on the development of leadership skills as the young people take on progressive levels of leadership in successive years. There are burseries available for students in need. — Diane Murgaski

Camp Micah

is a one-week leadership camp for social justice and peace held every August near beautiful Bancroft, Ontario. Founded in 2009, the camp is led by a staff of young adults, teachers, ministers, school chaplains and peace educators with many years of experience working with youth and developing leadership programs. Coming from different Christian traditions (including Catholic, Mennonite and United Church), the Camp staff shares a common passion for living out the call to leadership for peace and social justice. — from their website.

Canadian Catholic Youth Ministry

The CCYMN is a representative network of designated Canadian Catholic diocesan/eparchial youth ministry leaders who advocate for, promote and celebrate youth and youth ministry – in support of each other within the mission of the Catholic Church. The Network was established to help diocesan/eparchial youth ministry leaders communicate more easily with each other for mutual support, collaboration and development in respective ministries. Our local and regional diversity enriches the tapestry that is youth ministry in Canada, and provides the possibility of identifying challenges, trends and opportunities that help us respond to the needs of youth creatively and faithfully.

Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies

The Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies is an 8 module training program for those in ministry with youth in the parish, school or community settings. It equips leaders with practical tools and techniques needed for creative and comprehensive youth ministry. All modules may be taken for personal enrichment or as a Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies. The University of Sudbury recognizes this certificate as 2 three credit Theology courses. — Maria Ljubicic


Egad! Ideas

This web site is a huge collection of free games, activities and ideas for today’s youth. All of those ideas have been tried and tested by many currently working in youth ministry. Some examples of what can be found on this web link are bible study prayer, children’s sermons, crafts, friendship, good things, illustrations, outdoor and indoor games, parent and teen info, retreats, youth bibles etc. These are some great resources to incorporate and assist teachers with planning more interactive religion classes.– Maria Ljubicic

Group Magazine

Youth Magazine based in Colorado.


“I’ve been serving as a Christian youth worker and trainer for 27 years and hopefully age and experience sometimes brings a little wisdom. Thanks for visiting.

From the sidebar you can download my free youth ministry eBooks or click on the category links to view my leadership reflections, icebreakers and games, team building activities, discussion starters and other resources.” – from the website

Me to We

Founded by Marc and Craig Keilburger in 1998, Me to We motivates and educates tens of thousands of young people around the world each year. If offers unique opportunities for young people to develop their leadership potential through International Volunteer opportunities, Global Leadership programs, motivational speakers and school board partnerships. Teachers could refer students who would benefit from the opportunity to develop their leadership potential and may be looking for a valid international volunteer experience. Ontario schools may also find a guest speaker very timely in their school.–Diane Murgaski

Life Teen – Leading Teens Closer to Christ

There as never been the need for a more critical website than This website offers an alternative online meeting place for many adolescents, in the time of spiritual drought that is rampant on the internet. The website profiles other teenagers throughout North America and gives insight to their own spiritual struggles and challenges that face many Catholic youth today. It is easy to make an off the cuff judgment regarding the website and compare it to other sites directed toward teenagers; however, approaches the issues with realistic faith-based solutions that reinforce family based values. Students can use the website in a number of ways, such as researching teenage moral issues such as premarital sex. The website provides scriptural references to all of their answers, with an abbreviated description of the scriptural quotation. One of the most diversified aspects of the website is the use of “blogging”. Students can blog over a number of personal issues that they face (thus giving them a voice), and receive the support of a number of fellow Catholics.–Tanya Emmanuel

Vatican’s World Youth Days

World Youth Day is generally celebrated two ways: every year in local churches with the Pope in Rome, on Palm Sunday; every two or three years with international meetings in a different place and a programme which touches all continents. The city for the international venue is chosen each time by the Pope, who usually announces it on Palm Sunday of the previous year or at the end of the previous international meeting.

Every year the Pope sends a Message to young people throughout the world for the next World Youth Day. –from the website

National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry is a website dedicated to fostering ministry within adult diocesan leaders and avocation of the youth in the Catholic Church. This federation offers many programs dealing with difficult current issues that enhance ministry with young people. Publications are also offered for purchase on-line. This site may be useful for intermediate and senior teachers who may need to direct their students toward youth groups that can foster and enlighten their personal beliefs.–MG

NET Ministries of Canada

NET Ministries of Canada is a National Evangelical Team (NET) which is a Catholic non-profit organization of youth spreading the gospel. Every year they recruit and train youth to spread the “Good News” to youth in middle and high school grades. They lead dynamic retreats in schools and churches in order to invite youth to encounter God’s love through prayer, sacraments, fellowship and service. This youth ministry is world wide and began in Canada in 1994 under the Archdiocese of Ottawa. These youth travel all across Canada and you can book them at a church or school near you on-line. Check it out.–Tracy Johnson


Rebecca Beanyi

Rebecca’s remarkable story is highlighted in this website. Rebecca is a young woman who has overcome typical cultural attitudes and has created, along with her family and support circle, an exciting life, working at meaningful jobs in the community, developing wonderful friendships, and living in her own apartment. Rebecca’s story is very inspirational and is one that the whole community can learn from.

Salt and Light Television – Youth Theory

Video: Our approach to Youth Ministry varies from country to country and in Canada from Province to Province, but Fr. John Yake, argues that there is a model for youth ministry that can be followed. This is why programs such as COR (Christ in Others Retreat) and World Youth Day are successful in making disciples.

A Thousand Teenagers Singing at Mass? – Terry May and Kathy Leos

This article is taken from the site of St. Mary’s Press and is useful for anyone involved in planning liturgies for a school community. It delves into the question of how to get teenagers involved in the ministry of music. While it may not satisfy most skeptics, the article would likely give a much needed boost to those who think that teenagers are incapable of thinking that music at liturgies is indeed cool. —  Allan Dinglasan

US Bishops: Youth Ministry

“Three interdependent and equally important goals guide the Church’s ministry with adolescents. These goals state what it means for the Catholic community to respond tothe needs of young people and to involve young people in sharing their unique gifts with the larger community. They express the Church’s focus for ministry with adolescents, while encouraging local creativity in developing the programs, activities, and strategies to reach these goals.” …more

Youth Group Games

A wide selection of Youth group activities can be found in these pages. These games can be used as experiential learning tasks. –LM


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