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Belief Net

This website has so much to offer any teacher. There are provisions for people who wish to send Religious Cards to friends and family as well as excellent links to prayers, meditations, soul-matching and quizzes. In addition to the quizzes, interesting trivia challenges are available which are always a great ice breaker at the start of a new unit. Links to daily inspirational quotes and prayers are also provided. Check it out! –A. Grimes

Best Catholic Links

This website provides Roman Catholics with sites for books, weekly issues and resources for people at all levels. There are sites for young children with weekly issues which engage young children-Bible Tails with characters such as Holy Moley; Aletheia Press for older students on teaching morality; sites for curriculum products; and suppliers of Baptismal, Communion dresses and suits and rosaries, etc.; as well as many safe sites for Christian families to shop. This site can be useful to teachers to recommend to school library or principals many good Catholic books, magazines and teaching tools that may be purchased for the school. It may also be helpful to be included in school or school newsletters as a site for Catholic parents.–Mary A. Tomasi

Catholic Catechist Online

“The Source for comprehensive teaching resources including games, icebreakers, worksheets, prayer services and many other supplements to enhance your lesson plans that will save you time and money! Use our site as you need. Become an Individual Member or Group Member to have access to much more information, guides and suggestions.” From the website Pay for use.

Catholic Educators News

Catholic Educators News is a site that provides news, information, and resources to assist Catholic teachers as well as others in learning about the Catholic faith. The website posts the Sunday readings and provides clip art as well as crossword puzzles and other activities that teachers could use in their classrooms. You can find information on their newsletters, music reviews, online articles and other websites to look at to gather information and resources. –Susannah Watters

The Catholic Educator’s Resource Center

This site provides a collection of articles/resources related to current issues such as homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, etc. Throughout the literature, the Catholic views and the Church’s teachings on such issues are presented and outlined using up to date examples. This is a good resource for teachers who would like to further investigate controversial topics. This site provides valuable information that will make a teacher better able to answer challenging questions generated within the classroom using real life situations/issues to complement the teaching found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.–Lisa

Catholic Mom

The web site is created by Catholic moms and provides wonderful resources and links for teachers. First, for educators, the home page offers useful activities and ideas to engage elementary children with their faith. Some activities for the classroom are, crossword puzzles from Sunday gospel readings, book reviews, colouring pages, fun places for children online and project ideas such as, Advent and Christmas.  Teachers can also learn more about a topic such as, the meaning of Easter or the passing of Pope John Paul II. The sharing of religious materials, allows one to continue learning about their faith and religious traditions. Second, the site offers various links such as, parenting, faith and music. The music link enables a teacher to choose a specific artist, read an interview with the person or group such as, Sarah Hart, Brotherhood of Hope and Angelina, listen to the hymn and consider the best time to use the song according to the liturgical calendar.  Also, the site provides many other music links such as,, Mother Teresa Song and Musilica. This site is also offers Catholic radio links and this maybe beneficial for teenagers. –Marisa Di Vincenzo

Catholic Online

Catholic Online is the largest catholic website in the U.S. This website has an educational channel link called Parish and School Resource Centre which provides informative advice for churches, pastors, principals as well as school educators in the area of Total School Stewardship and Catholic School Development. It features artiacles on successful programs and case studies from Catholic Parishes and schools that have embraced this way of operating. This site has an audience of over 200,000 Catholic users per day. In conjunction to this link, there is another educational link called which caught my attention. This site provides a trustworthy and highly integrated religious education program for K to grade 12 students with daily on-line lessons with built-in accountability and student centered materials. This site would be an ideal way to meet more of our Catholic responsibilities as teachers of Religious Education. Computers are in the classrooms. The students love using this technology. Why not blend the two.–Cora Donnelly

Catholic City

For the teachers that are having problems incorporating Religion with Global Issues…don’t go any further…this site is for you!! The website gives current updates on world issues with reference to the opinion of the Church. It is an electronic newspaper talking about ongoing issues of today such as: terrorist attacts, partnerships between China and Russia and the election of the Pope. Next, it posts Catholic jobs on line. How common is that? There is also a section for teachers entitled “Catholic Church Teaching” which covers areas like: Catechism, Catholic Encyclopedia, Bible Studies, Canon Law and more. You can find prayers and devotions, free catholic novels and other “best” Catholic links. This site can enable students to research, read Catholic material and teachers can be assured that the material would be legitimate in the Catholic Board. Great site…visit it!! — Teresa De Angelis

This website is primarily intended as a program for students to learn about the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It also is a great resource for catechists, religious education teachers, and families. There are many different sections for students to explore such as the Kid’s clubhouse (grades k-3) which has bible stories, arcade games, tours, information on saints, and a reading club. It is grade level specific with information and activities up through grade 8 and even into the teen years. The website offers an advice column and discussion board, as well as liturgical year activities, prayers, book reviews, and online books and resources. Note: When you access the section for catechists and teachers, click on the books in the library to access to sections of interest to you. It is easy to navigate through this site and is a beneficial tool in aiding the awareness of the Catholic Faith. — Christine Fabbri

Faith Central

Curriculum resources for Religious Education from New Zealand

The Nazareth Master Catechism

Traditional Catechetical texts

New Advent

This site is a document library. This site would be useful to educators who want to familiarize themselves with the church’s view on just about any topic. Also, it provides a great deal of information on the magistarium.  What I found to be very helpful was the information it has on Saint Paul (it has info about his family history as well as his teachings and his life). — Antonella Pellegrino

Religious Education Ideas

This website offers excellent teaching ideas for elementary school teachers covering the religions of Islam, Hindu, and Christianity. These lesson plans could also be modified for high school students. Activities are related to the Arts and Language Arts curriculum. The website also provides links to different resources available on World Religions and connections to more ideas across the curriculum.–Marie de la Bastide

Resources for Catholic EducatorsThis website is fantastic for Catholic Educators because it provides relevant lesson plans for religous ed. throughout the school year (Advent, Lent, Ordinary Time) that can be an addition to our religious text we use at our schools. One fanstastic thing I loved about this web site was all the available religious clip art that, once again, is useful for all the seasons of the church (Christmas, Easter, etc.). This is great for religious displays and worksheets we use in our classrooms. There were also great links for resources such as magazine articles and books. Also I found very useful the prayers and meditations that can be found dailyon the website that can be easily incorporated into our daily prayers in our classrooms.–Josie Vidiri

Teacher Resources – Teaching and Learning

Various links to teaching resources

Teaching Catholic Kids

This website is an excellent online resource for teachers, catechists, and parents. For educators it has online articles and mini lessons that help in teaching students the various stories of the bible. It acts mostly as an online newspaper keeping you informed of Christian events around the world through Catholic links, but also seeks to attend to the teachings of Catechists and theologians. In addition, it is an excellent source for families by including information on the Eucharist and many other faith-based topics. — Christine Fabbri

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