Look out for CARFLEO executive* at When Faith Meets Pedagogy workshops

The Joyful Classroom – Les Miller*  Pope Francis tells us that people of joy are more effective Catholic teachers. We will explore these questions: Why be attentive to joy? What practical strategies can we implement to make our classrooms more joyful? How can we cultivate a spirituality marked by joy? The session is intended for all educators and is a positive way to enhance Catholicity in our schools. Participants will be engaged through art, story, music, and guided meditation.

Intermediate Religious Education Curriculum: A Guide for implementing this Journey into Faith – Joe Bezzina*, Terri Pauco, Amy Kieffer, Marylin Dawson and Amanda Forbes Teaching Religion in Grades 7 and 8? You will want to come and explore this workshop and resource! Introduction to a guide meant to support and assist Grade 7 and 8 teachers with the implementation of the new Religion Curriculum Policy Document (2012). This resource was developed by teachers for teachers to assist in the planning and delivery of the Religious Education curriculum. This supplementary resource will provide teachers with: proposed clustering of grade 7 and 8 expectations; sample lessons (built upon the three part lesson format); sample units; and, a list of Catholic electronic resources and websites.

Finding Balance Amid the Storm: Wellness and the Catholic Educator – Dominic Pullano & Sherry Chapman* Busyness characterizes the lives of most people who live in North America. Most of us who work in Catholic education are no different and we long for a balance between our work and home lives. Many of us would like to find a balance between our responsibilities and what we enjoy doing. The hectic pace that most of us keep also affects our spiritual life. We have so much to do each day that we do not always find the time to pray or spend some time with our God. In this workshop, we will explore different ways to make God a part of our busy lives. We will present simple spiritual practices that do not require much time but which can have a great impact on our spiritual growth. We will also build in some time to pray and try some of these practices. If you would like to find some balance amid the storm that generally swirls around us, then this workshop is for you.

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ – Dr. Josephine Lombardi, Anne Jamieson and Janet Bentham* Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ is the new Religion program for Grades 1 – 8 based on the Ontario Catholic Elementary Curriculum Policy document. Grade 1 is expected to be available in early 2015, pending approval by the Ontario and Western bishops. Series theologian Dr. Josephine Lombardi will be one of the presenters. This workshop will provide an overview of the program, including home, school and parish connections.

Equitable Religious Education Courses for District Students – Sister Patricia Carter* In Northern Ontario students leave Catholic School Boards to continue high school studies. We have developed synchronous on-line religious education courses based on the present curriculum so Grade 8 students can reach ahead and Grade 9-12 students can continue their religious education.

ICE’s Catholic Social Teaching Resource – Shelagh Peterson & Joe Bezzina* Looking for ways to incorporate Catholic Social Teaching (CST) into your curriculum? This workshop will present strategies that could be used to infuse CST into secondary courses. In addition, we will examine the “Catholic Companion” produced by the Institute for Catholic Education to assist in the new Ministry course, HSE 4M, Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice.



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