Former Liberal MP Tom Wappel on Justin Trudeau’s abortion edict: So much for freedom of conscience

Tom Wappel’s take on the new federal Liberal policy that excludes candidates who are not pro-choice on abortion. This issue has many competing “goods” (to use the language of “In Search of the Good”), namely, right to life, freedom of conscience and women’s right to control her health.) Of course, the Catholic teaching is clear on this issue. See also Cardinal Collin’s challenge to Justin Trudeau.

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As a long time Liberal and former Liberal MP, I cannot support Justin Trudeau’s recent dictum banning pro-life people from being candidates for the Party. Here’s why.

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On learning of Justin Trudeau’s edict that the Liberal Party of Canada was excluding as candidates for election anyone who was not pro-choice on abortion, my first thought was, “His father would be appalled” – or, as one person wrote to me, “Pierre would turn in his grave.”

I hope, no matter what their position on abortion, most Canadians will also feel appalled by Trudeau’s action. Such an edict by a leader of a political party on a matter of conscience relating to one of our most fundamental values – respect for human life – violates the basic principle that MPs are primarily their constituents’ representative in Parliament on such matters…

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