image An Argument for Increasing Exposure to Nature in Curriculum

This article from Psychology Today supports lessons to promote exposure to nature into Curriculum. In light of calls from our Church leaders for ecological conversion, how do we incorporate this into the Religious Education curriculum ?


New Resource for Earth Day To Look Closely Science and Literacy in the Natural World

Laurie Rubin

Whether it’s a trickling stream, a grassy slope, or an abandoned rail line, the natural world offers teachers a wonderful resource around which to center creative, inquiry-based learning throughout the year. Nobody knows this better than veteran teacher Laurie Rubin. In To Look Closely: Science and Literacy in the Natural World, she demonstrates how nature study can help students become careful, intentional observers of all they see, growing into stronger readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists in the process.
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One would also think that close observation of nature would lead to stronger connections to a spirituality of creation.

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