image Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

CARFLEO had a presence at this year’s Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. New executive member Michael Way-Skinner and his wife, Christine had two successful presentations. Last year’s CARFLEO conference keynote speaker, Prof. Josie Lombardi also ran two well-received workshops.

For those of us who couldn’t make it, these keynotes have been made available:

Fr. Ron Rolheiser: Fear and Her Many Children: As Dampening Our Hope and Our Fire

Jim Wallis (Sojourners): Revolutionary Hope

Mark Hart: Dying Young: Why the Young Church Is Falling Away and What We Can Do About It

Fr. Tony Ricard: If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right!  Exploring God’s Unconditional Love

Fr. Robert Barron (Keynote)

topic: Let us explore the essential recommendations for the successful proclamation of Jesus Christ in today’s culture. This calls for a “willingness to tell the great story,” lead with the beautiful, preach with ardor, and employ the new media. The presentation will renew our spirits and send us to engage in the transformation of our world.

Fr. Richard Leonard: Holding to Belief in an Unbelieving World

John Allen Jr.: The Francis Revolution: The Papacy at the One-Year Mark

David Wells: “Go, and announce the Gospel of The Lord!”

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