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Development and Peace have an updated website!

Find information on their Share Lent campaign for 2014: One Human Family, Food for All

As the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis, Development and Peace is participating in its global anti-hunger campaign, One Human Family, Food for All, which seeks to bring an end to world hunger. We have made it the central theme of our 2014 Share Lent campaign.

D & P have produced the  tools to help you learn more about this Share Lent campaign and make it known. Order these materials or print copies for wide distribution in your school, parish or community. — from their Share Lent page.

retreat_cover_en2   See also: On Earth as it is in Heaven – A retreat package for secondary school students This retreat package invites students to explore their spirituality through the eyes of “God’s Kingdom”. The package has everything you need to organize a retreat, including ice breakers, and four activities and prayers that explore Catholic Social Teaching within the context of the work of Development and Peace.

The words of the Our Father make it clear that the Kingdom of God is to be built here on Earth, and that Kingdom is still far off as hunger, poverty and oppression plague our world. Jesus calls us to pray the words of the Our Father not only with our mouth but with our hands and feet as well. This retreat is designed to help us respond to that call.

The printing of this resource has been sponsored by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, and copies have been delivered to all Chaplaincy Leaders and the Heads of the Religious Education Departments of all English Catholic Secondary schools in Ontario. Further copies will be made available for order for Catholic schools outside of Ontario. To order a copy, contact Kathleen Ladouceur, Catholic Schools Program Officer, at or at 1-800-494-1401 ext. 229. -from their website

 Download the retreat package


The Mustard Seed Campaign is a fundraising tool that:

  • Is easy, fun, and adaptable
  • Based on a parable
  • Supports two youth centers through a catholic organization
  • Engages students in international social justice, leadership and faith action

Why the Mustard Seed?
The Parable of the Mustard Seed tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than we can imagine and will unite all peoples. Such a kingdom grows through humble acts, just as a tree can grow from a small seed. This is both the method and purpose of the Mustard Seed Collection: through a small donation (a toonie) students together can grow a large contribution to support the work of the two partner youth centers, learning about solidarity and contributing to the growth of God’s kingdom here on Earth.

Contact us:
Questions? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions ?
Kathleen Ladouceur, Catholic Schools Program Officer: !
Tel: 1 866-494-1401 ext. 229

-from D & P website

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