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Church History Links

Ancient and Medieval Church History Timeline

Catholic Encyclopedia

Comprehensive information is provided on Popes, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Saints, Easter, Christmas and the Bible, to name a number of topics. This is a great site to have students research various topics from, or to find information for yourself. Those of you who are doing Web pages at your schools for parents, might like to post this site for them to take a look at. — Anne D’Andrea

This site explores the first 2000 years of the Christian Church and Christian history. This site is a helpful resource for teachers, especially those teaching World Religions because it offers clear and organized facts. Furthermore, it can be useful for teachers because it includes recent articles from Christianity Today magazine examining everything from the early Church, the American experience, movements and traditions, heroes and leaders, and world Christianity. The site also includes a section titled ‘Behind the News’, which includes news, reviews, profiles, Christian holidays and readers’ responses. Viewers can also ask the editor any questions they are thinking about regarding Christianity. There are links which vary from a list of the 131 Christians, what happened this week in Christian history, and a store to purchase past issues, biographies and videos.–Angela Sambolec

Christianity and Women

This site contains articles and resources that deal with issues of women in Christianity.  Topics in this site include Early Christianity and Women, the Bible and Women’s History, Feminist Theology and Spirituality, and the Ordination of Women. A good site that has information on past accomplishments of women and articles on current issues. — Wayne Cave

Church History Institute

This Protestant site is from the group that produces Church History magazine. An attractive and informative site. — Les Miller

Anyone interested in knowing anything about Christian history can find a wealth of information here. There is a great list of important dates. This website is definitely worth your visit. — David Singh

The Ecole Initiative

5 main sections of the Web Encyclopaedia: documents, articles, glossary, images, and chronology
* Documents – Early Church Documents including Church councils, Historians of the Church, and Lives of Saints
* Articles – A plethora of information on key issues and people
* Glossary – Concise information relating to Early Church History
* Images – Links to numerous images on the web
* Chronology – An easy to use database directory to build a chronology of an individual
This site would be a wonderful tool to use in the classroom for research projects and assignments. It would also be useful on a personal and spiritual level to have a better understanding of the Early Church History. — L. Koenigsberger

Frontline: From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians

This site is a resource to use with the PBS television show ” From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians.” It is four one-hour shows covering the following topics: how Judaism and the Roman Empire shaped Jesus’ life; the period after the crucifixion but before anything was actually called Christianity; the first attempts to write the Gospels; and, how the early church developed from 100 to 300 C.E. This is the most student friendly site that I came across. You don’t need the video to benefit from this site. Best for high school students, probably 11 to OAC. –Chris Dunlop

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Christian Origins

This site shows New Testament Canonical information; writings of the Apostolic fathers; patristic texts; creeds and canons; and relevant internet sites. It would be helpful to the Catholic educator because it contains pointers to accessible files found on the internet relating to the early church. — Antonella Ali

This site contains information on early Church documents. It is divided into 8 sections: New Testament Canonical Information; Apostolic Fathers; Patristic Texts; Creeds and Canons; Later Texts; Related Documents; Miscellaneous Documents, and related Internet Sites. Each section is sub-divided into articles pertaining to the particular topic which offer a critical perspective and historical overviews of Church Documents. This site is very informative and would make a great resources for senior level secondary students writing research papers. — Dina Monaco

The Historical Jesus and Early Christian Origins

This site works like an academic chat line. It has three main purposes: to discuss the life and career of Jesus of Nazareth; the social, political and religious world in which he lived; and the nature and development of the social/religious movement which arose in his name. The site has a very academic focus, and is intended for professional scholars, graduate students and members of the clergy. You have to apply for membership to the site, giving a list of your academic credentials and reasons for applying. This seems to be way beyond anything that could serve as a reference for either elementary or high school students. The site authors suggest something called the Compuserve Religious Issues Forum for those of us lacking the proper credentials. –Chris Dunlop

The Jesus Seminar

This is the home site of the famous, or infamous if you wish, Jesus Seminar. It opens with its raison d’etre: ” We are going to inquire simply, rigorously, after the voice of Jesus, after what he really said.” The first section of this site deals with the seminar’s latest document entitled ” The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus”. That is followed by its first document: ” The Acts of Jesus: the Search for the authentic Deeds.” The site then explains how the members of the Seminar arrive at what is actually authentic, with a description of the colour coding of the New Testament, and how some sort of consensus is arrived at by the members. –Chris Dunlop

New Testament Gateway: The Historical Jesus

This site is maintained by Mark Goodacre, a Theology prof at the University of Birmingham. The site is based on a course he teaches at the university called ” the Historical Jesus “and is divided into four main sections: a list of general resources, a list of course materials, a list of discussion sites and a list of books and articles, all on-line. A good resource for secondary students. Perhaps the best part is the fourth part, where students have access to full books and articles, all on-line, regarding the historical Jesus. I think that most students would be amazed at the amount of discussion and scholarship that goes on in the everyday academic world on this topic.–Chris Dunlop

Patron Saints Index

This provides an index for Patron Saints. Biographical information and links to other sites found.2031 saints are listed. — Anne D’Andrea

This site has 1300 topics and information on 2755 saints in the index. Information can be found by topic or by name. There is also a Saints News Section. Students and teachers can access information on the saints and especially those wishing information on the patron saint of a specific place. The site is a wonderful resource for students researching saints.  — T. Ramcharan

Ten Great Catholics of the Second Millennium
Theology Library Church History

This site provides 125 links, some of which include general church history, early church history, western and eastern hemisphere church history and the history of other denominations. This site provides a great deal of information that would be appropriate for research assignments and presentations at the high school level. This website is wonderful because it originates at the high school level.

A Timeline of Church History

This site provides a detailed timeline of church history dating back to Byzantine times from an Orthodox perspective. It reveals a general overview of the development and establishment of the Christian Church. Information on specific events or time periods can be easily accessed by clicking on a date located on the timeline. The site also provides prayer links to other sites. This would be a good resource for teachers who would like their students to explore the origins of the Christian Church and to understand church history.

Vatican Website – Saints

This link provides pictures and biographies of Saints that were brought into sainthood since the reign of Pope John Paul II.–Lisa Falconi

Annotations by York Catholic Teachers taking the Religious Education AQ course.

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