Mary as Theotokos

Here is the blog from Novalis’ Seeds of Faith on Mary as Theotokos.

Seeds of Faith

Mary, Mother of God, is honoured with an endless list of titles. Some, like Our Lady of Lourdes, link Mary to a place. Others, like Our Lady of Perpetual Help, reference the reasons we turn to Mary in prayer. Still others, like Star of the Sea, are poetic ways in which people express their experience of Mary’s beauty and grace.

I think my favourite title for Mary, however, is Theotokos. Greek for “God-bearer,” Theotokos explains—in a way that is at once simple and powerful—the extraordinary role the young girl from Nazareth is called to fill.

In giving birth to a child both human and divine, Mary’s position is unique in the history of motherhood, calling for exceptional circumstances. Of necessity, bearing the Christ child requires a woman whose soul is worthy of offering herself as the dwelling place of the coming Jesus, being a human tabernacle.

It is for this…

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