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This particular site is excellent for educators who want to incorporate beautiful renditions of famous religous artwork in poster form for their students in their classrooms. Pieces like the “School of Athens”, the “Creation of Adam”, the “Passion of the Christ” etc. This site also offers their users the option to review and purchase these pieces framed and ready for use in the classroom.–Jason Baumgarten

Art Archive

This site is useful because you are able to obtain information and the history of various art forms ( e.g. abstract expression, African art, ancient art etc.) You may also view the images of the art piece that you are interested in with its image list. –Rita Botticella

There is a lot of information regarding art in this site. There are many links to the various aspects of art, for e.g., links to theory and criticism, galleries, art CD-ROM reviews, art forum, updated art news and host of other art related links….David Singh

Art Gallery of Ontario

This site gives you information on the Art Gallery from tickets to a map of its location. You can view present or upcoming events. Presently for example you can view Peter Paul Rubens The Union Of Earth and Water.–Rita Botticella

Bible and Art

This site concerns itself with the New Testament. It has a quick access to favourite sites divided into different levels of learning; elementary, secondary, home schooling, bible search, K-8 on line learning, crafts for kids, art posters and distance learning. The bible art allows you to preview a variety of posters divided into very clearly marked categories. This is a good site if you wish to buy a specific poster. — Barbara White

Biblical Art and Music

A great website put together by an adjunct professor who works in the dept. of theological studies at a University in Los Angeles. I found this site to be useful as it contains its own search engine, which will pull up information for a refined search. It would prove to be extremely useful to educators looking for religious works of art for things like a power point presentation, or to use in your own class if looking at religious art with your students. This site contains multiple links containing both biblical and religious art. This website allows you to browse through illustrations of different gospel stories, in addition to looking through several online collections of art and music. It also supplies pictures of different religious aspects of both Rome and Italy such as pictures of their cities, art, churches – that they are famous for.

Biblical Art on the WWW

This site provides the user with the ability to search any painting regarding any subject matter. Unlike some sites whose content is stationary, this site searches subjects using words or phrases. The search provides text only or it can also provide famous paintings to accompany a particular subject matter (e.g. The Prodigal Son or The Wedding at Cana). What is particularly interesting about this site is the variety of artists provided (i.e. Euorpean, Asian, and African). This site would be useful for an older age group. Each painting provides a psssage where the story may have originated (e.g. John 9:1-7). Once again, you may combine an art piece and a passage for a lesson.–Sam Romano

Bridge Building Images

This site provides an opportunity to buy Religious Cards and Gifts such as plaques, customized holy cards, and pictures. There is an index and a catalog link for easy reference. This site provides everyone easy shopping for all occasions from the comfort of your own home. — R. Mazzotta

This is a site for a store in Burlington, Vermont. One can purchase religious cards, plaques, photos, posters, prints, magnets, and candles. They have a catalogue on the site of all their items. The image index is very extensive and has many different pictures, icons, and artwork. The image index is great if you are looking for artwork for your class or school. As well, the artwork is great for new images for Powerpoint presentations. (with copyright permission!) — Grace Viggiani  See also Trinity Stores


This website was established in 1996. This site includes an Artist Index, New Additions and Search CGFA. You may get information on the artist in several different ways. You may search for information on the artist by name, nationality or frame. In the New additions you may view the images of the paintings that you are interested in. –Rita Botticella

Christ-Centred Art

Christ-Centered Art is a Christian owned company dealing only in the finest Christian-related art prints painted by the most talented artist in the world. This exquisite artwork portrays strong family traditional values, Biblical themes, and Gods wonderful creations. This art will definitely do wonders to beautify your home or office decor. — Maria Shved

Christian Modern Art

This site offers an array of Christian Modern art links on the world wide web. It provides both the name of the site and, in most cases, a brief description of what the site features. The artwork shown in this site is diverse in terms of religious subject matter and medium. This site would be particularly useful for grade 12 art teachers, as modern and contemporary art is part of the grade 12 curriculum.

Christus Rex Art Gallery

This site includes links to religious art as well as other fine pieces of art. If you are searching for pictures of angels or of Mother Mary, there are plenty of different art pieces within this website to help you. There are also many copies of paintings from the Sistine Chapel. This is a great resource if you and your students are studying about Rome, Roman art, Religious art, or about duplicating art. As well, there is a link to the “Artcyclopedia” where you can search for any piece of art by just typing in the name of the piece or the painter’s name. –Leanne Iaboni

Beautiful collection of Religious Art. This is a comprehensive website with information regarding The Art Gallery. A good place to bring students to examine and research religious images. — Janet Ferlisi

Ecclesiastical Art

This website is quite different from the prior website I chose in that it gives more of a historical background on the study of Christian art.  Both of these websites are valuable for teachers because one displays the actual art itself, and this website offers an extensive amount of information on the meaning of religious art.  Both websites could be used hand in hand in teaching religious education.–Stephanie DeMario

Garden of Praise

This is a site that is geared to a varied age group. It includes lessons, activities and worksheets that can be printed. This site includes a pop down menu that can access bible lessons for children even as specific as parable and miracles. Each lesson is accompanied by a painting with an accompanying explanation. A lesson follows. you may also select other artists and have their paintings displayed. You can use the paintings in collaboration with the lessons and is a very good tool to combine both text and content. The site is valuable for all age groups given its flexibility on what the user may browse for. The kids corner section also provides famous artists and their works and a brief explanation on the artist’s life. References are given for the bible passage and worksheets and activities follow for different age groups. Highly recommend this site.–Sam Romano

Icons- Resources for Catholic Educators

This site shows religious images of icons. It is a archive of a collection of religious, Christian and Methodist images. You used to be able to just peruse the images but now they tell you to use a zip file to access various images- e.g. type in “cross” and it takes you to the various icons of crosses. It lists the images- e.g. bible, angels, etc. This site is basically the studio of an artist named John Snogren who does iconography. A very interesting site to view different icons. This site would be useful for the student studying the art form of iconography.–Jo-Ann Donnelly.

Praying Each Day Art & Icon Web Sites

This website has many links to prayers, prayer resources, collective worship, and spirituality sites. In addition, there are links to art websites and icon websites that are related to Christianity. The art and icon websites include information and activities pertaining to Christian events (i.e. Christmas, Easter). Catholic educators will benefit from the many ideas and resources located at this particular site. -Leanne Iaboni

St Andre Rublev Icons

This site offers explanations and depictions of Byzantine icons. You can also read about and purchase books, writings, and link with Lenten mediations and poetry inspired by the art. Other themes that were depicted in this era era are: Christ, Madonna, feasts. Jesuit and Franciscan subjects and icons of saints and blessed men and women.

What Did Jesus Look Like?

Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture

This is a site for those who wish to learn and use the language of Christian symbolism. It offers a list of Christian symbols, an explanation of what those symbols mean, and a number of different renderings of the symbols that are available free for anyone’s use. This site even outlines the historical reasons for the use of symbols in the early Christian church. Additionally, this site provides links to other resourceful sites about Christian symbolism and iconography. This site would be useful for any teacher looking for usable Christian symbols.

Clip Art

Christian Graphics

This site features clipart, wallpaper, greeting cards, cartoons, photography all related to a Christian theme. It also contains links for shopping, education and home schooling as well as chat rooms.

This web site contains various selections of Christian graphics e.g., e-cards, clipart, Christian photography, and much more. It also contains Rules for using images, Graphic Web Directories, Image Software, Webmaster Tools, and Sponsored Links. As a Catholic Educator you are often in need of a picture or drawing of a specific religious item or theme. Here you can click on to one of these options for a great selection of all sorts of religious graphics and pictures. — Macrina Salvino

Clip Art for the Holy Week

Christian Clipart- Resources for Catholic Educators

This website contains a list of links to web pages containing Christian clip art useful in religious education. The links are organized in a way that enables the user to select specific themes with ease (i.e. Old Testament Clipart, Gospel Clipart, Sacraments Clipart, Advent Clipart, and a host of other themes. Also contains a bibliography of religious clip art books. –Rocky DiDonato


Photo  Clip Art

(Be sure to get copyright permission when required)’s Photo Clip art site

Google Photo Search

Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live

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The Lake District

Cornwall Cam

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