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Translations and Versions

There are 73 books in the Catholic Bible: 46 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. The Protestant Bible contains 66 books: 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Protestant bibles include only those Old Testament books that the Jewish tradition recognized. Catholics and Orthodox Christians recognize seven other books that were in use in the early years of the Church. The versions described here include both Protestant and Catholic versions.

In this website there are 18 translations offered including Good News Bible and Douay-Rheims Bible. You can choose which part of the Bible and which book you want to see. You can just enter a scripture into the search field if you want. There are many study tools offered such as parallel Bibles, and commentaries. Students can easily find specific subjects such as poverty; and they can find that scripture quickly. Prayer requests can be sent online. Of particular interest to students are the Christian chat rooms where they can discuss issues with other Christians.—Sue Larcina

New American Bible
This site lists the books of the bible in the New American Bible translation. They are listed in alphabetical order. It is easy to click on the chapter you require. This is very user friendly site. This is a valuable site for comparing a biblical translation or for downloading certain passages in the Bible. Valuable for students and teachers. — Barbara White
This site provides numerous things, specifically daily and Sunday scripture readings. This would be valuable to those teachers who wish to incorporate daily readings into their classroom activities. — Shannon Lougheed

New Revised Standard Version
This site contains every chapter of both the old and new testaments. Students could use this site to read a particular portion of the bible that may be worded somewhat differently from what they are used to. This may help them to get a better understanding of a particular part. — S.E. Oremus is an alternate site for NRSV versions. The NRSV is the official version used in liturgy in Canada.

Today’s English Version
Also known as the Good News Bible.This is one of several versions found at this site. It is accessed by means of a search engine

World Wide Study Bible
This site provides an online Bible study. It details the books found in both the old and new testaments in an organized and user friendly manner.
Students can go to a particular book, ex. Matthew, and actually read the individual chapters and verses, learn more about him as a person and as Jesus? disciple, see other related versions of the scripture, and read commentaries and synopsis from different authors. This process is done with all the books found in the Bible.
This site is an excellent resource for teachers teaching religious education to older students. A wealth of information and research is provided at their fingertips for finding general knowledge and project or essay material. — L. Butrico


Crosswalk Concordances

Four concordances or topical indexes of the Bible. –LM

Bibletab Online Concordance

Concordances to twelve online Bibles. First select the translation in the box at top right and then enter your word. It does not include NRSV or NAB versions of the Bible used in Catholic liturgy in North America.


52 Week Bible Reading Plan

This site provides a bible plan in order for the entire bible to be read in one year. A calendar is provided, which outlines the specific readings for each day of the week. This site can be used in the classroom, perhaps better suited for the secondary school level, as a bible exercise that can be a responsibility of the students to read each day or for teachers to read to their students on a daily basis as a form of prayer and discussion. –Tina Martelli

Act 17:11 Bible Studies

This website discusses various topics to encourage Christian Living, Spiritual insight, growth and faith. The site is broken down into sections of Christian learning such as: what do the scriptures say, things to consider, Church issues, Living in Christ, when bad things happen and much more. After choosing your topic, you are lead through a host of questions answered through the scriptures. This site is useful when trying to answer difficult questions that may arise in class with specific passages.–Reg Shepherd

All In One Bible Resources Search

This site features a variety of Bible versions and translations, Bible resources sites, info links for ancient worlds, general academic and religion information, on-line e-mail discussion and a search engine for the web. This site will link you to many others through the various topic heading listed above. I think this site is useful for educators and students who may need to look up information associated with the Bible. — Grace Viggiani

This sites homepage contains a Site Navigator with the following categories: Biblical Resources Sites, Bible Version and Translations, Ancient World, General Academic and Relgion. These pages are intended as a resource for scholarly studies of early Christian writing and their social world. Although not appropriate for use in a classroom, it would be of use for individual study in theology.–L.De Biasio

Bible Gateway

This site is a wonderful tool in which to look up biblical passages or words. The internet user types in the passage they need to find. Before hitting the search key, the user has the opportunity to choose which version of the Bible they would like to use. There are 11 different version to choose from including New International as well as the King James Version. The site also includes footnotes and the opportunity to cross reference material. The site information is available in 14 different languages. This site would be a huge benefit for Catholic Educators. The site would be useful academically for research papers and assignments. It could be easily used by students in class or independently. — L. Koenigsberger

Bible Online World

This is a website that is updated quite frequently with several bible references. Its contents include reading the bible, bible answers, Christian references, prayer room, youth chat room, and religious articles. It looks like a great place that would help both teachers and students interpret the bible and find relevant articles on global issues. Produced by Christ Unlimited Ministries. — Patrizia Barrila

Bible Resource Center

As implied by the title, this site contains many Bible resources. This website would be useful for both elementary and highschool students and teachers. This site has a wide variety of resources which include interactive games, maps, and timelines, as well as suggested video and animation clips. It also features a virtual library tour highlighting hundreds of years of translation and printing history. – Matt Smith

Two sites that give Biblical and other Christian Symbols. Christian Symbols and Christian Symbols

Jesus Institute

This site helps people of all cultural and spiritual backgrounds learn about Jesus. It has teachings and parables of Jesus, key messages with readings from the Bible. It is divided into sub-categories to easily find prayers and readings from the Bible that correspond with each theme. It also has historical teachings under three headings: Timeline before Jesus , during Jesus, after Jesus with maps of the territories during those times. Very educational.– Sandra Corrao

Scripture from Scratch Archives

Excellent articles from American Catholic. These four page articles give insight into particular aspects of the Bible.

Teaching Strategies

Bible Stories – Jesus’ Stories

This site can be useful to a teacher in that it provides mini lessons on various bible stories. It is geared toward younger primary children. The site can be used also by children during computer time because they can read the stories online and then perfom various activities about the stories such as tests, memory games where they have to recall parts of the story. I think this is useful because at this age they are too young to interpret the meaning of these stories but it can help them to become familiar with the bible stories and recall details.

Bible Stuff for Kids

Bible Stuff for Kids is divided into 4 headings: Psalms, Bible Stories and Kids? Prayers (they work for grown-ups too!) Kids? Prayers is a great tool for it offers prayers for the morning, the day, lunch, night and other inspirational prayers that they can learn and say. Bible Stories offers students readings from the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus. Psalms are from the Bible however selective. Psalms chosen are geared towards students and children. This is a great site for students who would like to find a prayer when you have prayer time, a story about Jesus when you discuss the teachings of Jesus or a psalm to end the day. — Tina Castellano

Children’s Bible Stories

This website, as the title suggests, has hundreds of Bible stories in a simplified language for children of all ages. It is also available in an audio version as students can read and listen along. There are Old and New Testament passages and there are accompanying lessons for each passage, as well. The site is effective, because of the contemporary language used, thus making it easier for teachers and students to understand and enjoy Scripture. This site is intended for primary and junior teachers and students. — David Pimental

St. Charles Borromeo Bible Studies

Our Bible Studies are based on the Liturgical Calendar.

The sources used for our Bible Studies are The Jerome Biblical Commentary, The New Jerome Biblical Commentary, and The Navarre Bible. In addition, we used Church History by Laux (TAN Books), Introduction to the Bible by Laux (TAN Books), A Guide to the Bible by Fuentes (Four Courts Press), and Sharing Our Biblical Story by Russell for background information. We also included quotations from The Faith of the Early Fathers (3 volumes) by Jergens and Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (many volumes) edited by Odum.

Sunday School Sources

This website is geared towards Primary and Junior level students and provides free Bible study lessons for both the New and Old Testament. It also addresses Topical issues such as Anger, Giving, Jealousy, Love etc…and provides detailed lesson plans, resources, assessment and evaluation tools. Under the heading of New Additions: Moving Stories – music lessons are also provided with video clips showing actions which can be integrated into the lessons. This is a very teacher-friendly site with an endless supply of resources. – Matt Smith

United States Bishops Study Materials

Ways of Reading the Bible

No one plan is best for everyone, but different people might find various methods helpful, especially since each reader may have a vastly different goal (spiritual, academic, social, etc.) in reading the Bible. Thus, some people may choose to read short selections from the scriptures daily or weekly, following the Lectionary or liturgical cycle of their Church. Others might wish to follow a one-year plan (or a multi-year plan) for reading every book of the Old and New Testaments, but not necessarily in biblical order. Still others will want to read one biblical book at a time in depth, either on their own, or with the help of commentaries, or in a Bible Study group, or in an academic course. Dr. Felix Just


The Book of Job

The Book of Psalms


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