image Catholic Culture Update from Sr. Pat Carter CSJ for the week beginning October 20

Catholic Culture Update from Sr. Pat Carter CSJ for the week beginning October 20

Catholic Culture Update for the week beginning October 20th, 2013
Quote to carry in your heart for the week.
“I lift up my eyes to the hills.” Psalm 121

October 20th is the Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time. “Every fall I cover and tie down with rope the outdoor furniture on our deck. One November day I watched with fascination as a small red squirrel pulled with all its might on one of the cords. Gnawing at it and bunching it up in its paws, the tiny animal tugged that rope from every possible angle. For three days the squirrel returned to its seemingly impossible task – until finally it somehow succeeded in undoing the rope I thought I had tied so securely! Like the persistent squirrel, the widow in today’s Gospel does not give up even in the face of repeated rejections. When the judge can see no other way to get rid of her, he finally grants her request. Of course, God is neither a resistant knot nor an unjust judge! The message of the parable, as indicated in the introductory line, is about persisting in prayer without becoming disheartened. It is easy to become discouraged with prayer. So often our efforts can feel dry, boring, empty, a waste of time – we are not at all sure if God is listening. However, today’s Gospel encourages us to be faithful and persistent. Setting aside even a few minutes daily to consciously be in God’s presence is an act of prayer in itself. All we have to do is ‘show up’ as consistently as possible, and God will do the rest.” Krystyna Higgins, October Living with Christ, page 101. In the face of rejection, loving God, give me the resolve to show up and put my trust in you! Tidy your lawn of the leaves that have fallen. It is a job that can go on and on and only persistence will gather all of them.

October 20th is World Mission Sunday. “Every Christian shares in the mission of the Church and all should become more involved in today’s missionary work. It is the responsibility of all believers to spread the Gospel. Each Christian community must “pray that the Lord’s message may spread quickly, and be received with honour” (2 Thes 3.1). Pastors should consider inviting members of the parish to fast and pray during this week for the missionary work of the people of God. A growing understanding of the Church’s mission will also encourage responsible giving to the national collection for World Mission Sunday (from which collection some of our Canadian dioceses still benefit). The Mass “For the Evangelization of Peoples” may be celebrated on a suitable weekday during this week.” Ordo – Liturgical Calendar 2012-2013 page 366.

Serving in the Light of Christ – a quote for the week
“serve the Lord with all your heart” 1 Sam 12:20

Catholic Graduate Expectations – A Responsible Citizen who…
exercises the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship. Sometimes I think we may take our citizenship for granted. When I watch the news and see serious difficulties between citizens and their governments in other parts of the world, I say a heartfelt “Thank you” to God who birthed me here. I am also aware that I have a responsibility to be a good citizen and to use my privilege as a Canadian to help others in the world who do not enjoy the same rights and freedoms that we do.

Equity and Inclusive Education – The Power of Targeted Interventions
“Gender A challenge in thinking about gender issues is the risk of treating boys or girls as homogeneous groups who all like similar things or require similar strategies. In fact, the differences among boys or among girls are much greater than the differences between the two groups. For example, while we may think of girls as more obedient and social, many boys fit this stereotype better than do some girls. Many girls are more physically active and outspoken than some boys. A good way to understand this comparison is to think of height. On average, boys are taller than girls, but at any given age, and especially when younger, there are quite a few girls who are taller than many boys. If we based our school strategies on height, we would make the wrong choices many times. The same is true of gender. We need to be aware of research findings on educating boys and girls, but not to assume that one size fits each gender.”
Breaking Barriers: Excellence and Equity for All page 129

A Teaching from the Catholic Book of Days
With the coming of the automobile, Auriesville in Montgomery County in upstate New York became an especially popular destination – a pleasant drive, and a spiritually rewarding one. It still is an objective for the devout, for at Auriesville is the shrine of the North American Martyrs – Sts. Isaac Jogues, John de Brebeuf and companions, whose feast the church observes on October 19th. They were a Jesuit group serving in what was then known as the missions of New France, and they were martyred in the seventeenth century by Mohawk [warriors], mainly because the Indians held them to be sorcerers and thus responsible for natural problems that had come into their lives. For instance, Isaac Jogues, the most famous of the martyrs, died because he was deemed responsible for a tribal sickness and a blight that had hit Mohawk crops in 1646. …Jogues’ companions, in addition to de Brebeuf, were Anthony Daniel, Gabriel Lalemant, Charles Garnier and Noel Chabanel, all Jesuit priests, and two lay missionaries, Rene Goupil and John Lelande. Their martyrdoms were stretched out between September 22, 1642, and December 9, 1649, one as cruel as the next. The site of the Mohawk village where the martyrdoms occurred was purchased in 1884, and the shrine was developed that attracts pilgrims to this day.”+John Deedy

28 Different Ways to Pray
“As Jesus taught us by His word and example, daily prayer is essential for all Christians. Our individual prayer life follows the rhythm of our daily life. ……Way #24 Pilgrimage as Prayer
Prayer and the Lourdes Pilgrimage ~ Prayer is woven into nearly every aspect of the Lourdes Pilgrimage. Daily Mass is celebrated in several languages, as is Confession. There are multiple times each day for prayer, including the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, Eucharistic Adoration, and processions. Each pilgrim also has many opportunities to pray alone. The conditions for prayer are favourable. An air of reverence pervades the atmosphere, especially because most people have made this pilgrimage with faith on their minds. There is plenty of quiet and numerous churches and chapels. No one could doubt that it is an appropriate time and place for reflection. Often people who have already been to Lourdes return for a different kind of pilgrimage – working for a week to assist the sick who are there for healing. These pilgrims push wheelchairs, help people into and out of the healing water of the shrine’s miraculous spring, and perform many other tasks. It is a small surrender of oneself for a week, an acknowledgement of God’s grace and our weakness. This is prayer in action.” Paulist Press page 128. Consider taking your class on a pilgrimage to a holy place, a church in the neighbourhood, to say a prayer and to spend time with God during the walk and during the stop.

Twenty-first Century Education > Fruit of the Spirit – an Illustration > Ministry videos
1.57 min What seeds are you planting today? Are they seeds that will produce a bad crop or a good crop? Intermediate/Senior/Adult > Every Woman MUST Hear This! > Inspirational Video
3.37 min As a daughter of the King, we sometimes forget how much power, authority, virtue, and value that God has given us. In this gripping spoken word, you will be empowered and reminded of who you really are! Share this with your daughters, sisters, friends, and husbands share this with your wives. It is something that every woman must hear. > The Five Biggest Skills Modern Teachers Need > “These teacher skills outlined by John Perkins are supplemental to the 21st-century fluency skills that we are fostering within today’s students. These five qualities are a must for every teacher of the digital age. Read all about them in this article from Edudemic.” > best kept secret for religious education teachers of every grade

130 Fun Facts from God’s Wonder-Filled WORLD by Bernadette McCarver Snyder
“How Swift Can the Chimney Swift Fly?
Did you know there is a bird called the chimney swift – and it can fly faster than any other bird? It can fly up to 217 miles per hour – and that is an animal speed record. Just imagine – when you are in car driving fast down a highway, the car is going 70 miles an hour and that seems pretty fast, doesn’t it? But this bird can fly more than THREE TIMES faster than that car. AND there is another bird called the frigate bird that can DIVE even faster than the chimney swift can fly. The frigate bird can dive down at almost 250 miles per hour – and that’s another animal speed record. Are you surprised to learn that birds can move that fast? The birds you see in your backyard probably can’t fly or dive like that but they ARE fun to watch and nice to have around. If you would like to KEEP them around, you might want to put out a bird feeder and keep it filled with seed OR you might like to make some easy snacks for them. If your mom has some fancy cookie cutters – maybe shaped like a star or a heart or even just a round shape—there’s an easy bird snack you can make. Lay some bread slices on a cookie sheet or the kitchen counter and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes from the bread. With a pencil, poke a small hole in the top of each shape. Leave the bread shapes laying out all night so they will get hard. The next day, cut some long strips of ribbon or wool thread and string a strip through the hole of each bread shape. Hang the shapes outdoors on the branches of a tree or bush. And while you’re hanging these surprise snacks, say a little prayer to thank God for making speedy birds and backyard birds and trees and bushes and whatever else you’d like to add to your thank-you list.” Page 50-51

CATHOLIC JEOPARDY – Who says teaching religion can’t be fun? RTJ’s Creative Catechist > September 2013
Titles for Jesus
For 200 points – Affirms the deity of Christ
What is Son of God?
For 400 points – Literally means “God with us”
What is Emmanuel?
For 600 points – Jesus assures us that he will protect us and give his life for us
What is Good Shepherd?
For 800 points – Jesus nourishes us and sustains eternal life
What is Bread of Life?
For 1000 points – Jesus calls himself this so his followers will not walk in darkness
What is Light of the World?

Bonus question – Which person of the Holy Trinity gives us gifts and guides us to truth?
Who is the Holy Spirit?

1. When there is a wedding in the Catholic Church, the sacrament celebrated is called
A. Holy Orders B. Confirmation C. Matrimony D. Reconciliation

2. When we go into church, we make the Sign of the Cross with water from the holy water font
A. to remind us of our Baptism C. to wake ourselves up
B. to wash our face D. because everyone else is doing it

3. When we receive Communion, the Eucharistic minister say, “Body of Christ” or “Blood of Christ.”
We respond by saying
A. “Holy, Holy, Holy” B. “Amen” C. “Hosanna” D. “Alleluia”

4. Holy Orders is a sacrament for
A. nuns C. laypeople
B. priests, bishops and deacons D. all of these

5. After we have told our sins to the priest in Confession, we need to say
A. a good Act of Contrition C. the Guardian Angel prayer
B. the Apostles’ Creed D. grace before meals

Weird Facts – how many people will read this far down the email…? Are you one who will?
“The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.” Huh! 35 Weird Facts You Never Heard Of


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