DVD for Fully Alive Inservice

From the Pearson website comes a description of their Fully Alive DVD

Publisher: Pearson Canada
Grade: 1 – 8

The NEW DVD for Grades 1-8, includes:

Three Bishops speak about the long history and ongoing commitment of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario to Family Life Education.

Bishop Bergie, Chair of the ACBO Education Commission, speaking at the June 2011 CARFLEO Conference

Bishop Durocher, member of the ACBO Education Commission, speaking with parents about the challenges of raising children and the support Fully Alive offers them.

Archbishop Gervais, former Chair of the Fully Alive Editorial Board, speaking about the origins and history of development of Fully Alive.

Videos of actual teachers using Fully Alive with their students. Primary, junior, and intermediate classes are shown.

Doctor Sylvia Santin, General Editor of Fully Alive, Patrick Gallagher, Publisher of Fully Alive, speak about the history, components, structure, features, and practices of Fully Alive.

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