image Living Our Catholic Faith

Living Our Catholic Faith

OECTA’s curriculum, Living our Catholic Faith in School, is intended to invite discussion of how our Catholic faith is lived out in our schools, through a series of five posters and participatory class activities to support discussion.

The package contains two parts: a colour poster and suggested activities for the classroom, including a quote (below) and scripture.

“As Catholic teachers we sustain our students and we are sustained by them.”

“We choose to be Catholic teachers. Catholic teaching also chooses us.”

“Catholic Education is countercultural insofar as it transforms the pervasive world-view of humanity into the Imago Dei, the image of God in Christ”

“Catholic Education shines as a beacon of hope. Catholic teaching is the breaking through of the Christ – the light of the world in all its brilliance, renewing the face of the earth.”

“The transformative power of Catholic Education lies in the humbling reality that all teaching and all learning is dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us and in our students.”

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