Catholic Education Week


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During the week of May 5 to May 10, 2013 Ontario Catholic Schools will celebrate the significant contribution that Catholic Education has made to the community, the province and to Canada. Our Catholic Graduate Expectations challenge students to articulate in society those fundamental values that underpin Catholic education.

The theme for this year’s Catholic Education Week is:
Catholic Education: Growing Together in Faith

Our Catholic schools are places of growth. Small kindergarten students grow into being teenagers; grade nine students grow into young adults. We all grow both in age and, we hope, wisdom. Growth is natural and expected in the plant and animal world. As Catholics we are expected to grow in faith. What exactly that means will differ from person to person and ultimately, growth in faith is a personal matter between us and God. We can nurture our faith through prayer and knowledge and our living in a vibrant Catholic community. That is how we grow together. Community is part of who we are as Catholics.

There are five sub-themes, one for each day of Catholic Education Week and they are aimed at helping staff and students to reflect more fully on what Growing Together in Faith asks of them.

The five sub-themes are:

Day 1:​Faith that is rooted
​Day 2:​Faith that is nurtured
​Day 3:​Faith that is discerned
​Day 4:​Faith that is witnessed
​Day 5:​Faith that is celebrated

Catholic Education Week is marked by special activities at all grade levels, including prayer celebrations and service activities.

From the OCSTA resource kit.

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