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The Vision of the Vanier Institute of the Family is to make families as important to the life of Canadian society as they are to the lives of individual Canadians. {

Note, that the Vanier Institute is not an official Catholic organization but it is named from one of Canada’s most prominent Catholic families. We are posting this page because it gives valuable information about the familes we serve in our Family Life Education programs.


  • To promote the spiritual and material well-being of Canadian families
  • To study their social, physical, mental, moral and financial environment and characteristics
  • To work with and encourage cooperation among charitable, religious, educational, welfare, cultural and other organizations
  • To seek the support of the various faiths in Canada and to further their joint endeavours for family betterment

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Families in Canada Interactive Timeline

Today’s society and today’s families would have been difficult to imagine, let alone understand, a half-century ago. Data shows that families and family life in Canada have become increasingly diverse and complex across generations – a reality highlighted when one looks at broader trends over time.

But even as families evolve, their impact over the years has remained constant. This is due to the many functions and roles they perform for individuals and communities alike – families are, have been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our society, the engine of our economy and at the centre of our hearts.

Learn about the evolution of families in Canada over the past half-century with our Families in Canada Interactive Timeline, an online resource from the Vanier Institute that highlights trends on diverse topics such as motherhood and fatherhood, family relationships, living arrangements, children and seniors, work–life, health and well-being, family care and much more.”

View the Families in Canada Interactive Timeline.


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