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There are crucial issues that face us today:
abortion, aids, bioethics, birth control, when life begins,
population concerns, post-abortion healing, etc. But far too often
our public debates are long on emotion and short on clear thinking.
Along the way, respect for the dignity of human life gets lost in
the rhetoric. Our purpose is to promote a “Culture of Life” in
which human freedom will find its authentic meaning by joining
forces with truth, life and love. This culture “needs new
lifestyles which will show respect for the dignity of every
individual, especially the weakest, and which will recognize the
value of human sexuality in the development of the person.”
(Evangelium Vitae)

This website hopes to help
change the present situation by providing clear thinking about
these most crucial issues. The project was started on September
1st, 2000. We are blessed by the support of serious scholars and
good people who are donating their writings. We hope that Oblates
and interested visitors will feel inspired to contribute their own
well–reasoned writings and research papers.” -from Life Issues


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