image Lalanne Program : University of Dayton, Ohio


Lalanne is a a post-graduate teacher service program which specializes in supporting beginning Catholic school educators by combining service and teaching.

Lalanne Program : University of Dayton, Ohio

Lalanne teachers make a two-year commitment to teach in an under-resourced Catholic school, live together in a faith-based community, and pursue professional and spiritual/personal development. Generally, under-resourced schools are identified as schools located in urban or inner-city areas where at least 35 percent of the students live in poverty.

Service in Lalanne is a commitment to making a difference in the lives of children who face unique challenges in their urban settings. Named in honor of Father Jean Baptiste Lalanne, the Lalanne program is an initiative of the Center for Catholic Education of the School of Education & Health Sciences at the University of Dayton. -from their website.

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